The Coaching Process


We will have a call, usually 30 minutes -1hr to understand you and have a good discussion. The goal is to ease the worries of your financial process and concentrate on the positive events going on in your life.


This stage we will be working together on understanding your goals and your financial situation. We will look through your financial profile and work on setting goals. You will provide the financial information which will be secure through your account.


This stage we will work together to create action plans that will be able to solve problems and reach your financial goals. It will include a lot of brainstorming, and these action plans will be unique to you.  The end goal from this stage is to have the action plans set and ready to go!


This stage you will be working on following the action plan. What we will do is monitor your progress and make sure you are in line with achieving your goals. We will hold you accountable upon every step. It is important that you hold yourself accountable as well, since all we can do is guide you. So, you have to make sure to put in the effort and hold yourself accountable to rise to this new level of yourself.