Meet our team

Eddy Agyeman

Know More, Know Better!


I am a Connecticut based financial educator looking to help people of all ages work towards financial freedom. As a CFEI (Certified Financial Education Instructor) and AFC (Accredited Financial Counselor) candidate, I am highly skilled in helping people achieve their financial goals. If you’re looking for someone who understands your financial background and passes no judgement, then let me help you overcome your financial hardship by increasing your knowledge on personal finance and especially YOUR finances. 


My passion for helping people with their finances originated when I was a senior in college. Brief background, like most people, having student loans and not making enough income was really stressful to me because of the amount of money that I would need from my paycheck to pay off my debt. Back when I didn’t know more and know better I was a binge spender too, either it was for clothes, restaurants etc. That’s when I decided to create a budget for myself, and came up with a plan to pay my debt off and increase my income. I established a routine of healthy financial habits and started helping family and friends balance their finances to achieve their goals.


I am a Quinnipiac University 19' Graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. My experience at a real estate law firm coupled with my participation in various online groups has shown me how much money plays an important factor in countless life decisions.


Now, are you ready to hit your financial goals? If so, let’s schedule!

Nana Agyeman

Growing up I was told the traditional story of work hard and you will be rewarded. Ever heard it before? That saying isn't entirely wrong but what you work on is what matters. I am a licensed real estate agent in Connecticut also licensed in life and accidental/health. Growing up I did not know a lot of the things I know now. Taxes, Credit, how to save etc. All essential tools that would help a lot of families out financially. I've seen the cycle happen over and over again of people going into debt, credit being ruined or just not having even $1000 dollars to their name as a savings. I myself fell into those same problems in my young 20's, and as a realtor I see how much impact credit has on one's ability to purchase a home. As an insurance professional I see Families not having any type of protection due to the lack of free knowledge they have access too but don't know. 


Eddy, Tyshawn, and I come from different industries but have one goal in common. Financial Education. We want to correct the problem most Americans deal with.... their finances. To do that we must start at the root of the issue that being the lack of knowledge we have on finances. Welcome to Knowbucks together we will make financial Education a necessity in the lives of as many families as we can. 

tyshawn cannon

I am a credit specialist, financial educator and credit repair specialist in Connecticut. My goal is to help individuals become more aware of how important credit is to people growing into an adult and how it affects our daily living. I am an Agent for a Credit repair company who has experience fixing individuals’ credit, providing protection plans and credit monitoring. If you are willing to work on your credit or want to know how credit can help you obtain financial freedom, I can help you with that. I have knowledge that will help you overcome hardship and scary times. I can help you build positive habits than will better your financial future. 


My passion is to help people realize and understand that credit plays a key part in our adulthood. Whether you want a car or a house. A lot of how to get started depends on your credit. I was well under 400 and in the poor part of my credit for a long time before I decided to make a change and improve my credit which in turn better my daily living. If I can help you know more and know better, you too can strive towards financial freedom.